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Streaming Video Troubleshooting

Below is a list of potential troubleshooting you can perform.
It is recommended that you consult with your organization's IT Department for issues 3 and 4.
In order to view the live streaming, please verify the items listed below:


Internet Connection Speed

Once you've clicked on a stream to watch:

  1. If the video stream becomes choppy or stalls, and or the slides stall or show a white space with a small red "X", try pressing CTRL-R, which will refresh the stream, and should resolve the issue. If this does not work, try closing the viewer and re-launching the webcast URL.
  2. If you cannot see the video, but hear audio and see slides, you may have low bandwidth. This generally occurs with Dial-Up users. As more bandwidth becomes available, so will the video.
  3. If you have a picture but no audio, your IT department, ISP, hotel etc., is most likely blocking port 1755 or one of the streaming video ports. You may need to call your ISP or in-house IT staff and address accordingly.
  4. If you cannot view the video at all, your organization's firewall may be blocking the video. The systems fail over port 80 in most cases. However, ports 554 and 1755 should be opened for streaming video into office environments. Please check with your IT staff for assistance in adjusting these settings.
  5. If you are still unable to view the live webcast, please check the streaming video schedule page to see if the streaming sessions are being recorded and made available for on-demand viewing at a later date.